The five elements and Reiki: Fire = control, filter, protect and warm | reiki development (2023)

The five elements and Reiki: Fire = control, filter, protect and warm | reiki development (1)

I mentioned in my previous post “Introduction to Traditional Chinese Medicine” that I have created a Reiki healing system based on working with the “Five Elements” of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). In a number of articles I have talked about various aspectsthe five elements andhow they affect people's lives: how imbalances in the five elements can manifest as physical states and certain emotions and states of mind.

I've written about how the elements support and control each other through cycles of nurturing and control, I've talked about the meridians and organs in the body that relate to each element, and in my recent articles I've talked about them in much more detailthe emotions of the elements.

Well, in some blog posts I talk about specific states of mind that emanate from each element and that relate to a specific organ in the body. I talked about this last weekWood's mental states. Today we talk about…

States of Fire

Fire is the only element represented by four organs: the heart (yin organ) and the small intestine (yang organ), the protector of the heart (yin organ) and the triple burner (yang organ). Also known as the pericardium or the sex of the circulatory system, the protector of the heart, along with the triple burner or sanjiao, has no western physical equivalent.

The movement of fire is vertically upwards, from the depths of the earth to heaven, from the material to the spiritual, from the subconscious to the conscious. On the mental-emotional level, fire brings joy, dancing, laughter, awareness and the ability to see the big picture.

The heart

The heartit can be viewed as the "supreme controller" overseeing the functioning of the body, mind, and spirit, and in Japanese writings on acupuncture, the heart is considered so sacred that it is not addressed directly. An imbalance in heart energy is like chaos reigning in a realm that lacks peace and harmony, leading to a kind of inner panic and loss of control. The heart is considered the center of consciousness, feelings, and thoughts, and is one of the places "Shen" resides.

Shen can be translated as spirit or soul. A person is said to "have spirit" and this gives an idea of ​​what the word Shen means. Shen lives in the heart, its lower chamber, and it is here that he ensures balanced emotions and a clear, honest way of speaking. Its upper house is the third eye chakra, where it generates clarity of thought and a conscious direction in life. When a person has these qualities, then their shen is vigorous and healthy, and it is said to be detectable by a glow or glow in the eyes.

When Shen is confused or lacking energy, it manifests as unclear thoughts or an inability to organize thoughts, speech defects such as lisp, stutter, stutter, or even muteness. It creates emotions full of ups and downs: one minute you're screaming with joy and the next you want to die. This description would also apply to hysteria and manic depression. A scattered and confused Shen manifests as nervousness, anxiety, stage fright, insomnia, and dull, unfocused eyes, all caused by a disturbance in the fire.

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When there is a lot of energy in the heart, there can be talkativeness, excessive sweating and nervous tension. People believe that they must do everything themselves and not delegate, they must be in control and cannot leave it to others. This behavior is equated with personality type A, the manager illness, with its stress-related symptoms ranging from high blood pressure to heart attacks. This imbalance is usually related to a lack of energy in water, the element that controls fire.

On the other hand, when the energy in the heart is weak, a person may become unable to express themselves clearly, or partial or total mutism may result, and a dulled or non-functioning sense of taste, both gastronomic and personal, and a sense of taste in matters psyche.

the protector of the heart

the protector of the heart, or pericardium, is considered a "shock absorber" that absorbs the bumps and bruises that would otherwise go straight to the heart and disrupt the integrity of the body-mind, so the protector of the heart allows the "supreme controller" to proceed with his Work. constant. Works as a bodyguard. On an emotional level, Heart Protector helps protect the "emotional" heart and brings about the ability to be generous with oneself and others by radiating warmth and love. It also gives us the ability to give and the ability to accept complaints, criticism and love from others. A healthy pericardium produces a person who can speak from the heart and is warm and loving, enthusiastic, good-natured, and "healthy." The opposite of this can be seen in someone who is "insensitive" or mean, someone who has a "heart of stone".

On a physical level, the pericardial meridian would be treated when problems such as heart pain, angina pectoris, tachycardia, irregular heartbeat or circulatory problems occur. The heart protector rules the "pulse of life".

small intestine

small intestineit can be seen as separating the pure from the impure, classifying and classifying and redistributing, and this happens on all levels. The small intestine classifies food particles: it retains those with nutritional value and passes the rest on as waste, but this process can also be seen on an emotional and mental level, with the classification and sifting, the assimilation of ideas and thoughts. An energy deficit in the small intestine manifests itself in a person who receives knowledge, beliefs and beliefs from others “undigested” and is unable to develop personal views and belief systems from them. It is said that the appearance of an assimilable person is manifested by a thin, mute laughter in the eyes and around the lips.

When this organ is out of balance, we can see symptoms that reflect body-mind confusion. For example, hearing problems can be viewed as an inability to classify sounds effectively, and digestive problems can be viewed in a similar way.

None of the elements exist in isolation, separate and unaffected by the others, so when there is no proper classification, when unclear information arises, decision-making is compromised (the realm of the gallbladder).

the triple heater

the functions ofthe triple heaterthey are closely related to those of the Heart Protector; In fact, it is "imaged" on the pericardium. Again, it has no western physical counterpart and its functions are protective. It is the most complex of the "organs". The function of the Triple Heater is to protect all organs of the body and control their temperature. The torso is divided into three "burning spaces" or "burning cavities", each space corresponding to specific organs. The upper space contains the heart and lungs, the middle space contains the stomach, spleen, gallbladder, liver, and small intestine, and the lower space contains the colon, bladder, and kidneys. Thus, the upper room deals with respiration, the middle with digestion, and the lower with excretion and reproduction. The Triple Burner coordinates these three areas of the body. For example, it coordinates the depth and frequency of breathing related to digestion and sexuality, it maintains body temperature within the three fiery spaces at an optimal level to allow the organs to perform their functions in harmony.

Because the Triple Burner is so complex, it is the easiest to unbalance and in acupuncture it would be considered a Triple Burner whenever the energy of any of the organs is out of balance, otherwise the cause of a disease will be wrong could be diagnosed.

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In Five Element Reiki we can work to deal with energy imbalances in a specific organ, although initially we will focus on balancing each element as a whole. In general, by balancing an element and directing its energy through your organs, we are balancing your organs and balancing the other counterparts of that element. By balancing fire and allowing fire energy to flow through its organs, we will balance the Triple Burner without having to specifically consider it, although we can focus energy on it and the Heart Protector using intention.

Finally, what brings us to balanced fire? Well, when the fire element is balanced in a person, summer brings joy and contentment. We have an inner balance from which we monitor events, we know when to speak and when to be silent. We can feel joy without being overdone. We can mentor and guide others because we know when the time is right to step down. Our eyes shine, we know kindness and magnanimity and we have good taste.

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The five elements and Reiki: Fire = control, filter, protect and warm | reiki development (2)

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The five elements and Reiki: Fire = control, filter, protect and warm | reiki development (4)

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