New Girl: Nick and Jess's Top 10 Dates, Ranked (2023)

When Jess moved into the loft after her boyfriend cheated on her, she never thought it would be the best decision of her life. Jess's roommatesnew girlshe quickly became his family and he couldn't imagine what his life would be like without her.


All of these guys were a huge influence on Jess, but her relationship with Nick was on another level. The two became best friends over the course of the first few seasons, and by the end of the series, Nick had become her husband. Nick and Jess have stolen the hearts of viewers everywhere and have many quotes that show how much they love each other.


"I realized something. I would do anything for you, Jess.

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One of the biggest differences between Nick and Jess is their maturity.jess takes care of thingsthis needs to be done, but Nick ignores his problems and hopes they will eventually go away. This understandably stresses Jess, and when she finds a box of overdue bills in her room, she uses the money she inherited from her father to pay them.

Nick gets mad at Jess for planning to blow the cash on unreasonable things, but he ends up coming. Even though Nick hates banks and doesn't understand how they work, Jess tries to open a checking account to make her happy and shows how far he would go for it.

"There's nothing I know more than the fact that I want to be with you, Jess."

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Nick and Jess had just started their relationship, but the external drama was already testing them. Schmidt tells Nick that he is cheating on Cece and forbids him from telling his girlfriend. But Nick can't keep it a secret and reveals the truth, prompting Jess to confront Schmidt.

They all end up in a wild car chase, with Jess trying to reveal the truth to Cece and Schmidt trying to keep Cece away from her. By the end of the night, everyone is exhausted, but Nick and Jess still find solace in each other. Despite all the fights they've had during the day, it doesn't change how much they want to be together.

"I can't go on. I love him."

not end ofnew girlIn Season 5, Sam helped Jess realize that she never stopped loving Nick. When he came to this conclusionNick started a serious relationship.with Reagan. Jess spent much of Season 6 hiding her misery and supporting Nick in his new relationship.

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Things just got harder for her, and she goes to see her dad and run away. There, Jess tells her about her feelings for Nick and her father tries to help her get over it. However, Jess accepts that she can never leave Nick because she loves him.

"There's nothing you can do to make me love you any less."

New Girl: Nick and Jess's Top 10 Dates, Ranked (3)

Nick and Jess are messed up characters, and like everyone else, they have a lot of flaws. Jess mistakenly believes he killed Winston's cat and hides it from Nick for over a year. When the truth comes out, Jess reveals that she feared Nick would look at her differently.

Nick tells her that if that happened he would go to the desert and help her bury the body. He makes sure Jess knows that nothing can change her feelings for her, which is a testament to their unconditional love.

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"There's something about him... I look at it and my heart explodes."

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at the beginning ofnew girlseason 6,Jess did everything she couldto keep her feelings for Nick a secret. Things turn out to be harder than he thought, and when Nick returns from a long trip, he is consumed by his newfound relationship with Reagan.

Jess confides in Cece how difficult it is to be aware of her feelings, but there is nothing she can do about it. Looking at Nick for the first time in months left her overwhelmed with love for him.

"I fell in love with Jess the moment she walked through the door."

New Girl: Nick and Jess's Top 10 Dates, Ranked (5)

Nick and Jess weren't an official couple until season three, but there were Easter eggs that led to it appearing that Nick had feelings for Jess. It was never obvious why they were close friends, but it wasn't hard to find fans looking for him.


When his ex-girlfriend thinks that Nick has cheated on her with Jess, Nick tells her that he may well have cheated on him even though he didn't. He confirms that he had feelings for Jess from the start, having fallen in love the moment he laid eyes on her.

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"No, not like that!"

New Girl: Nick and Jess's Top 10 Dates, Ranked (6)

The date might not seem like much, but in context, it's a significant moment between Nick and Jess. While everyone else is playing True American, Nick and Jess are locked in a room and can't leave until they kiss. They try to find a way out, but when her friends won't let her get away, Jess suggests they go ahead and kiss.

They get into a fight when Nick doesn't want to kiss her and he yells, "No! Not like that!" Jess is taken aback and Nick is so embarrassed that he jumps out the window and tries to get to the living room without falling off the ledge. Later that night, Nick plucks up the courage and kisses Jess for the first time. It's arguably the best kiss on the show, and he tells her, "I meant something like that."

"It's you and me. It's always been you and me.

New Girl: Nick and Jess's Top 10 Dates, Ranked (7)

Those who are already invested in the series can tell you that Nick and Jess should always end up together. They loved each other more than anyone and it was obvious that they would meet again in the end.

When Nick proposes to Jess, she is overjoyed and gives Nick a speech about how they've always been together. From the moment they met, there was something between them and all of their other relationships paled in comparison.

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"She has a huge heart that is part compass, part flashlight, and she is the most amazing person I've ever met."

New Girl: Nick and Jess's Top 10 Dates, Ranked (8)

When Nick is unable to reach Jess, he calls his father in hopes of reaching her. To find out if Jess's love for Nick is still unrequited, her father asks her what she would do if he and Jess were trapped at sea with a shark swimming towards them.

After asking some ridiculous questions, Nick finally says he would be fine as long as he was with Jess. He goes on to say how amazing Jess is, making her father realize that Nick has a crush on his daughter. Jess' father tells her that Nick and Reagan broke up and Jess rushes back to Los Angeles.

"Oh come on. Please go faster! I have to tell my best friend that I'm in love with her!"

New Girl: Nick and Jess's Top 10 Dates, Ranked (9)

There were only five minutes left in what was originally supposed to be the series finale and Nick and Jess still hadn't gotten back together. Nick goes to the attic to see her, but finds her room completely empty. He hears Jess outside yelling to get into the building and the two desperately try to get together. They end up switching places and trying to find each other again.

While waiting for a worker to remove his supplies from the elevator, Nick urges him to speed up so he cantell your best friendHe is in love for her. After the man moves out of the way, Nick sees Jess smile at him. He enters, and when the doors open again, the two share a kiss as the credits roll.

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