New Girl: 10 of Winston's Best Quotes (2023)

Although not part of thenew girlPilot, it's hard to imagine the show without Winston Bishop.Nick's friend since childhood., Winston is in a unique position hitting. He knows Nick better than anyone, he's close to Schmidt despite going crazy, and he becomes a confidante to Cece and Jess.

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The early seasons of the show don't feature many success stories for Winston, but that doesn't stop him from meddling in his friends' antics. Sometimes he's the serious guy in a comedy situation, and other times he's got some of the most outrageous lines in a scene.


"'Eye Of The Tiger' is the greatest song ever written. The Cold War is over."

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Winston's first big story when he joins the series is about hand bells. Jess has a group of children that he tries to reach through a season 1 episodeto keep them out of custody. Winston, at first puzzled that Jess is bringing teenagers into the loft, quickly takes the bells.

He decides to join the boys in helping them perform and encourages them to play "Eye Of The Tiger". The kids don't know the song at first, so Winston offers this quote as an explanation, which Jess quickly points out isn't true. Winston is true to her beliefs and it is clear that he truly loves her.Rocky.

"If I got rid of my rocking chair, would I take a weekly selfie with my cat?"

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Once Winston decides to keep Daisy's cat, Ferguson, his subplots get a bit more sophisticated. Ferguson becomes best friends with him while everyone else is busy with his romantic entanglements.

It's definitely funny that Winston is so busy with his cat, but eventually everyone accepts Ferguson as a member of the Loft. Cece even gets involved when a neighbor claims that Ferguson is his. Then yes,Winston could be out there, but her love for Ferguson is a big part of her character.

"They call me Prank Sinatra."

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As the series begins, the show reveals some surprising news about Winston: he loves to prank. The problem is, Winston sucks at pulling them.

He thinks he's cool and deserves a name like Prank Sinatra, but his jokes are completely inconsistent. As Schmidt and Nick point out to him at various points in the show, his jokes are either too big (like getting married) or too small (like putting a blueberry in someone's cereal). he is one ofThe funniest racing jokesin the series

"Do you realize that I say goodnight to you every night and you never say goodnight again? What's wrong? Don't you want me to have a goodnight?"

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One of the main attractions of the exhibition is that the residents of Apartamento 4D allI have a lot to do to grow. In the case of Winston's old friend Nick, much of the growth revolves around his inability to express himself emotionally.

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When Schmidt and Winston confront Nick about this after Schmidt bought Nick a cookie because he was thinking of him, Nick is very confused as to why his friends are so mad at him. Nick is there for his friends in many ways, but when it comes to being considerate and expressing himself, Winston and Schmidt definitely outgrow Nick.

"It's all in your head, man. It's always all in your head."

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Winston puts up with a lot of crazy stuff in the attic. Although he can go with the flow most of the time, he always makes sure of the blacksmithany nonsense.

When Schmidt thinks his boss is interested in him, Winston thinks he's interpreting normal conversations at work. Winston tries to point out that Schmidt has a history of barging into situations involving women, but Schmidt, of course, doesn't listen.

"Did the cactus tell you that? Is it one of those cacti that tell the future?"

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When his roommates jump to conclusions, Winston is quick to point out their ridiculousness. That's exactly what happens when Nick gets a cactus from his friend Julia in Season 1.

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Nick immediately thinks that the cactus means that Julia wants to break up with him. Winston doesn't understand this logical leap and uses this comment to question it. While Winston is amused by the whole situation, Nick becomes more and more involved, leaving Julia voicemails until they actually break up.

"Up is the new down, man!"

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When Winston finds outCece and Schmidt meetIn the first season, it's not a secret he can keep to himself. After a few days, he tells Nick, although Nick doesn't want to know the secret.

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At first, Nick is terrified of finding out the secret. Once he does that, he really annoys him. He can't figure out how Cece and Schmidt got together and Winston agrees that everything has changed. However, the two don't have much time to discuss the secret, as Jess arrives home soon after and Nick can't bring himself to lie to her.

"Who am I? I am Theodore K. Mullins..."

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Long before Winston needs to develop a secret persona as a cop, he has his own take on the matter. Theodore K. Mullins actually makes a few appearances in the early seasons of the show.

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For example, Winston pulls out Theodore's persona to trap him.Nick gets out of a bindat the end of the first season. When Nick is dating multiple women at the same time and two of them end up in the loft at the same time, Winston pretends to be Theodore to get the girls to go away. It works very well.

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for someone who doesSingle for most of the second season., Winston has a lot of thoughts about relationships. He has a lot to say about the friendship between Nick and Jess in Fluffer in particular.

Even though Jess is seeing someone else, she spends a lot of time with Nick and he never says no. He even goes with her to buy a new dresser and later decides to put it together for her. Winston tries to explain Nick's lopsided situation, that it's clear that Nick and Jess are in a relationship without the physical components and that they need to set boundaries. Nick takes offense, but Winston is right as the two make things a bit awkward in the loft as they dance around their feelings for the rest of the season.

"He was denied a cell phone because he has the credit rating of a homeless ghost."

New Girl: 10 of Winston's Best Quotes (10)

new girlSeason 1 has one of the show's most iconic quotes, courtesy of Winston. It's a different line directed at Nick, but it really hits the spot with Winston's specific brand of humor and Nick's current life.

When Nick tries to get a phone, his credit is practically non-existent. After all, Nick doesn't even have a bank account right now. He's worrisome to Jess, but funny to Winston and the audience.

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