Hot and messy: Celebs with famous facial hair (2023)

Some celebrities are remembered for a role or a big moment in their career. Others are actually remembered for their facial hair. What is the best? Who can tell? However, we're here to honor the best facial hair styles from celebrities, past and present. Those who have shaved off their iconic look or have passed away still qualify for this list. We're here for facial hair throughout the ages. The only exceptions are athletes, who will one day have their own roster. Let's love facial hair!

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Tom Selleck

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JB Lacroix/WireImage

Selleck's mustache is iconic of the '80s. In fact, we almost have an Indiana Jones with a mustache, but Selleck was shot for his TV role in Magnum P.I.."Still, this role made him a star and made his mustache famous. He did it on "Friends" and he's still doing it on "Blue Bloods."

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billy gibbons

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Por Ole Hagen/Redferns

When you think of beards in music, you probably think of ZZ Top. We could have yelled at the late Dusty Hill too, but it's Gibbons the more famous of the two, and that also gives him the more famous beard. Interestingly, the ZZ Top member without much bushy facial hair? His name is Frank Bart.

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Charlie Chaplin

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united artists

The iconography of Chaplin, one of the first movie stars, is engraved in our memory. There's the bowler hat, the cane, and of course the little brush mustache under the nose. For complicated reasons, such mustaches are no longer seen, but Chaplin's image remains.

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Alex Trebek

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Ron Galella Collection/Ron Galella über Getty Images

It made headlines for good reason when Trebek, the popular "Jeopardy" host, shaved off his mustache. For years, Trebek was on TV day in and day out, showing off the "strength" of him. We've gotten used to seeing the latest Trebek icon without the mustache, but it's still an iconic mustache.

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Zach Galifianakis

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Can you imagine a clean-shaven Galifianakis? It's hard to imagine. He became famous to many through the movies "The Hangover", in which he sported a bushy beard. He has maintained this look throughout the years. His facial hair is a bit wild, but it stands out as a staple of his look.

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sam elliot

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Rick Kern/Getty Images

Elliott has always had a mustache. He has had it since the 70's and still has it to this day. With his distinctive voice, we often hear Elliott perform without actually seeing him. But even when he tells us there's meat for dinner, we can still imagine that big mustache over his mouth.

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Nick Offerman

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On a day-to-day basis, Offerman has a lot of facial hair. Usually she is a beard. When most of us first saw Offerman, it was in his role as Ron Swanson on Parks and Recreation. There he sported a mustache that has become a classic of his beloved character. The mustache is unlikely to return now that the show is over, but Offerman's facial hair is still popular.

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Roberto Downey jr.

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Downey was famous and notorious for many years without facial hair. He then got the role of Tony Stark, also known as Iron Man. Stark had a rather prominent goatee. The next thing he and we knew, the Marvel movies were exploding. Downey played Stark, with the goatee on the record, for over a decade.

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Henry Cavill

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Keith Mayhew / Echoes Wire / Barcroft Media über Getty Images

We can thank the Justice League for making Cavill's mustache famous. The story was so absurd that it made headlines. Cavill grew a mustache for his role in Mission Impossible: Fallout. He was needed for the Justice League reshoots, where he played Superman. However, he was contractually required to wear the Mission: Impossible mustache. This meant that the Justice League folks had to digitally remove the "stack of film" from him.

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Jason momo

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Warner Bros.

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Speaking of Justice League, Momoa also has some famous hair follicles. Part of that is her long, flowing hair. However, he always wears a beard, whether as Aquaman or as Khal Drogo from "Game of Thrones."

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and haggerty

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Ron Galella, Ltd./Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images

You may not know Haggerty's name. When we say the name "Grizzly Adams", you probably picture it right now. His bushy, unkempt beard made him famous, and even today someone can sometimes be seen sporting a large beard, described as having the "Grizzly Adams" look.

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Cesar Romero

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When Cavill couldn't have a mustache like Superman, he had it digitally removed. Things were simplified a bit in the popular 1960s version of Batman. Romero had a mustache and refused to shave it off to play the Joker. He then just painted his mustache with Joker makeup throughout the show. He has become a strange icon in his own way.

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Hulk Hogan

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new line

I had the 24 inch pitons which were perfect for ripping shirts. That's just part of its classic look. There was also the handlebar mustache, which has been blonde, dyed or not, for a long time. Well, there was also the time when I washogan hollywoodin the New World Order, and dyed parts of his mustache black. That was strange.

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hugh jackman

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20th Century Fox

Sideburns are part of the facial hair, especially when they are very exposed. Jackman became famous for playing Wolverine, also known as Logan, in many X-Men movies. Like Wolverine, he had sideburns, at least initially, that would put a 19th-century politician to shame.

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scott ian

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Matthew Eisman/Getty Images

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You may not be a fan of his band Anthrax, but if you watched VH1 talk shows in the '90s and '00s, you know what Ian looks like. He was the guy with the distinctive goatee that had been dyed different colors over the years. This set him apart from the likes of Michael Ian Black and Hal Sparks when speaking of his affinity for the '80s and '90s.

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frank hoe

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Ginny Winn/Archivos de Michael Ochs/Getty Images

Zappa was an iconoclastic musician who combined youthful, irreverent humor with an affinity for orchestration and elaborate arrangements. He's also had basically the same facial hair throughout his career. There was the mustache and then a small tuft of hair on his chin. That's the Zappa look.

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Wilford Brimley

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Imeh Akpanudosen/Getty Images

Brimley was just 50 years old when she starred in Cocoon, which still fascinates people to this day. Whether acting, selling Quaker Oats, or talking about "Diabeetus," Brimley sported a thick, bushy mustache at all times. When Brimley died at the age of 85, he still sported his mustache.

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Gerardo Rivera

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Jared Siskin/Patrick McMullan en Getty Images

Rivera would probably prefer that we remember his mustache. After all, why else should we remember him? Back in Al Capone's vault? His role of him in creating sensational daytime television? Your job as an announcer at Fox News? No, the mustache is probably the highlight of his career.

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juan water

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Images by John Lamparski/Getty

There's nothing Waters does that isn't somewhat iconoclastic. He marches to the beat of his own drum. Anyone who has seen his movies knows this. This also goes for his iconic facial hair, which is a unique fine mustache.

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Groucho Marx

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Do we count Marx? It's complicated. After all, the famous mustache on him was painted. And yet it is one of the most memorable mustaches in history. The fake nose and mustache glasses that have been sold for years are called "Groucho glasses." It may not be an actual mustache, but not including Groucho on a list of famous celebrities with facial hair still seems wrong.

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Joaquin Phoenix

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magnolia photos

Phoenix's famous facial hair appeared in a brief part of his career. You may remember the time the star of movies like "Walk the Line" said that he was retiring from acting to become a rapper. This turned out to be a stunt for a mockumentary called "I'm Still Here." During this time he let his beard grow long. You probably haven't seen the movie he did this for, but you probably remember it for its weirdness.David LettermanLook.

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Bryan Cranston

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Walter White's facial hair has varied over the years, but has always remained iconic. Cranston started out with what he called an "impotent" mustache. When White got his role as Heisenberg, the drug lord, he had a goatee. After things fell apart, he grew a beard, which came as a real surprise when it was revealed.

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jeff bridges

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Bridges is one of those actors who always feels like himself in his roles. That's not a criticism either, since he has a charming appearance. As such, he always has some facial hair. Like when he played the guy on The Big Lebowski, a role that made him a cult hero.

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courses russell

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When Russell was a child actor, he obviously didn't have a lot of facial hair. As he got older, he began to grow facial hair. His beard in The Thing is, well, a beauty. As if that wasn't enough, he brought this luscious beard to his role in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. Two.

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Rick Rubin

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Frazer Harrison/Getty Images para Spotify

(Video) I Waited 5 Years for Him. It Was Worth it.

Few music producers are instantly recognizable. Ruby is gone. This is partly due to his professional success. In 2007 he was voted the most important producer of the last 20 years by MTV. However, what makes him so visibly recognizable is the huge beard that he sports since he became a household name.

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