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10 Bearded Celebrities Who Perfected The Silver Fox Look

When you hear the term "silver fox", a certain image immediately comes to mind, the smart and calm gentleman who still breaks hearts in old age. Perfectly groomed, if a little gray, these men give the younger generation hope that age need not take away from our good looks. The ten names you see here are the crème de la crème, ten Hollywood names that embraced their gray hair instead of shying away from it. Use these men as a guide to how tousled hair can be as majestic as a colorful chin.

george clooney

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The man has always been a role model for the pretty boy, but George Clooney's older years brought out the best in him thanks to his manly gray mane. The understated chinstrap look fits the face perfectly, and the goatee adds a bit of shape to make the look even better. Above all, it doesn't matter if he's grown up or just shaved; We've seen both versions, and Clooney's gray beard is still a sight to behold. As if we don't have enough men to be jealous of, George changes the game with each passing year.

Pierce Brosnan

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Pierce Brosnan's gray chin is beautiful, if a little disconcerting, considering how fresh his face was.call from jamesMid-90s cinema. He also created several looks, from the short 5-hour beard to a full Van Dyke look that makes us cry with joy. The more the beard grows, the more amazing it becomes. MoneyThe sonIf you don't believe us, this beard is a Hall of Famer for sure. We don't know who first told him to grow facial hair, but whoever you are, we appreciate his service.

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Taika Waititi

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When it comes to gray beards, New Zealand actor and director Taika Waititi (Jojo Hase, Thor Ragnarök)Can't go wrong, we've seen short beards, bushy beards, long mustaches with a short chin, everything is amazing. No matter how much the man pulls the beard over his face, it's always like in the movies: incredibly well done and deservedly celebrated. There isn't a beard in the world that Waititi can't sport, we're convinced of that and we dare you to prove us wrong. Give us the magical waist-length Waititi beard we all deserve.

Idris Elba

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Have you ever been to a restaurant or club and seen someone get the attention of the entire room as soon as they walked in? We imagine this happens regularly with Idris Elba, because this man exudes charisma just by standing still. His well-groomed beard certainly helps him achieve this look, as the gray tones splashed over his chin and goatee create a look that's hard to beat. Every time he appears on our screens, we can't help but marvel at the impressive beard he's grown over the years and hopefully one day we'll be able to emulate him ourselves.

jeff goldblum

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Sometimes it's hard for us to imagine Jeff Goldblum with a beard because of his roles inJurassic ParkYindependence Dayetch that clean-shaven face in our minds, butWowsplendidly takes off Mr. Goldblum. It's like he went from that cool, nerdy face to a smooth, silver-jawed stud in an instant, with his mixed "salt on the chin, pepper on the mustache" look being one of our favorites. Just look at this manly mane and tell us you shouldn't be aiming for this, you'd be crazy if you thought you weren't. Sometimes the beard just, uh, finds a way.

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Jeffrey Dean Morgan

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Look, we know that Jeffrey Dean Morgan has been a bearded badass for a long time. It's no secret that she sports all kinds of facial hair, but the size she is nowthe undeadIt's her best look yet. Negan is scary enough on his own, but Morgan turns that scary up to an 11 with his bushy gray beard. While the beard has also changed throughout Morgan's career as Negan, especially in this new season where it's groomed better than before, each iteration has been brilliant. Lucille gave him strength, it's all in his beard.

Oscar Isaac

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At 41, Isaac is the youngest silver fox on our list and it's only been in the last year that we've seen him shake his spotted chin. A true chameleon actor, Oscar Isaac often uses facial hair to disappear into a role. ForPor Llewyn DavisShe was wearing a full rich chin strap. For time thrillersanother violent yearHe sported an immaculate pencil mustache. In an acclaimed sci-fi dramaex machina, it was a shaved head and a bushy thick beard. Isaac's aging isn't as prominent as the others on this list, but that makes his evolution all the more intriguing. This particular silver fox is just starting to bloom.

steve carll

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Perhaps the most surprising transformation on this list belongs to Steve Carell, who, like Jeff Goldblum, rose to fame with a clean-shaven face, especially in movies likebruce almightyand TV classicsThe office. When he debuted that bearded look for the indie dramabeautiful boyIn 2018, the internet went crazy when women (and men) everywhere were confronted with the crazy idea that the man best known as Corporate Idiot Michael Scott was... a little hot? This amazing black and gray beard not only gives you a more mature look but also gives hope for the future to those who cannot grow a beard now. It's a simple beard, the full beard model that many used before him, but he isnailsthis view.

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Brad Pitt

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Can there be a list of the hottest things Brad Pitt isn't into? No, of course not, because every photo the man takes is instantly golden, and his bearded look is no exception. Pitt has long experimented with on-screen beards, from the loose, shaggy growths to '90s cult favorites likeCaliforniaYtrue romance, to full beards and well-groomed goatee in recent dramas likebabelYmate-a gently. As he ages, silver seeps in, making his chiseled features even more prominent. No matter what style he tries, Brad Pitt can always turn heads.

joe manganiello

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Robust is the first word that comes to mind when considering Manganiello's handsome beard, with an even covering of bristles that frame his chin. Manganiello's beard has always looked like this, but the streaks of gray extending from his cheekbones only make the beard look even better. There's an air of sophistication, even when your beard is fully grown and messy, that other beards struggle to match. While it wasn't enough to guarantee him a spot on our list, the bearded man can't go wrong and all we can do is sit back and marvel. Maybe next time Joe.

Honorable Mention: Keanu Reeves

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Keanu Reeves, 55, is one of those actors who strangely doesn't age and still shines as much as an action hero and a romantic lead, so we're thrilled to see him proudly sporting his gray beard in recent years. Reeves is no stranger to beards, particularly the spotted look with long hair covering his cheeks, chin and mustache. However, as time went on and the jet-black beard started to show a little gray, his chin only got better. Sure, Keanu still stands out in the silver look, the natural darkness of his beard still going strong, but the gray highlights we've seen give him, shall we say, a ravishing look that will only get better with time. Even the Wyldest of Stallyns gets better with age, and we're glad Keanu has maintained that look for so long.

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